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Journeys and routes

Munda Biddi Trail: a mother-son adventure cycling Australia
The Munda Biddi Trail by bike is not an easy but very rewarding cycle path: 1000 km in nature from Mundaring (near Perth) to Albany, in the southwestern part of South Australia. Colourful flowers, lively animals, a highly organized Hut system to stay safe... a wonderful mother-son adventure by Cristina and Giacomo
Bulgaria Bike Adventure: 1300 km cycling Bulgaria
Our cycling Bulgaria bike adventure during our No Plans Journey allowed us discovering a wonderful country, unexpectedly fascinating, where its recent history - being a satellite of the Soviet Union - is now fading into the big changes brought by the European influence. In the villages dispersed on the mountains of the south, life seems to have stopped still two centuries ago, while in the towns and cities, an example among all is Plovdiv European Capital of Culture together with Matera in 2019, modernity and globalization have contaminated the style of life of the inhabitants and Bulgarian traditions. The bicycle, a slow and meditative means of travel, allows you to deeply enter the Bulgarian identity and visit the treasures of this Eastern European country in a closer way.
Piedmont Bike Tour: by bicycle on the Wine Divide
Before this ride on the hills from Casale Monferrato and Millesimo, I didn't have a clear vision on the borders of this region. Piedmont, ok… and then? In almost a week of cycling, I got more focus. Riding this Piedmont bike tour through Langhe, Roero and Monferrato by bike we got plenty of steep ascents, glasses of wine and amazing sights so famous all over the world.
Bikepacking L'Eroica: a three days adventure
This article contains the itinerary and some info about bikepacking L'Eroica. Our guys Mattia Munegato and Marco Benetti cycled this route from 15th to 17th August 2020. You can find more info about this itinerary on the official website of L'Eroica.
Drau Cycle Path, from Toblach to Maribor by bicycle
A classic in bicycle touring, for beginners and for more experienced tourists who want to enjoy the spectacular views of Italy, Austria and Slovenia along this itinerary.
We're talking about the Drau Cycle Path, of course, from Toblach to Maribor!
Slovakia by bicycle: the Aquavelo itinerary through Western Carpathians and Tatra Mountains
Our No Plans Journey through Europe led us here, cycling through some of the Visegrád villages. The first is Slovakia: by bicycle we came from Ukraine and the last bits of Carpathians, to cycle West and touch the Tatra Mountains and dive into Poland. A wonderful itinerary of secondary roads and unexpected cycle ways. 
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Salsa Anything Cage HD: a comprehensive review

When carrying our luggage on the bike, fork loading is undoubtedly a very sensitive issue because the fork itself is an extremely delicate element of our bike. To exploit it in this sense, there are numerous supports on the market to be fixed to the fork to carry bikepacking waterproof bags, the famous

Free Garmin maps for your GPS: where and how to get them

Free Garmin maps for outdoor GPS navigators and for planning excursions on the desktop converted even those who previously relied on paper. OpenStreetMap has changed the world of online cartography, but the graphics and navigation of those maps are not always perfect.

Gravel handlebars: the best 11 and some tips

There is only one concept: gravel! And when we talk about this world, we cannot fail to mention one of the main components of this type of bike that is increasingly gaining ground in the cycling and cycle tourism environment: I'm talking about gravel handlebars, in their many shapes and facets.

Touring bikes: 15 best travel bicycle of 2021 that will take you far

Buying a touring bicycle is always challenging, especially because we usually travel once or twice a year and it's not easy to face a purchase - besides, expensive - for an item that will mostly live in our basement. Luckily during these last years, the concept

Cycling shoes: how to choose between different types

How can I choose the right cycling shoes? A simple question that requires such a complex answer! Especially because talking about cycling shoes is as reductive as speaking about bicycles in general! There are so many disciplines in our cycling world, that we'll have to

Salsa Touring Bikes: best models in 2021

Salsa bikes universe broadens in a very wide range of models, from the fast road bikes to the huge tyres of fat bikes, from the agile gravel bikes to the trustworthy and versatile adventure bicycles. In this article we'll be diving into these last two categories, focusing on new Salsa touring bikes

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