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GIVI-bike was born in 2021 and represents the entry into the world dedicated to the bicycle of the well-known Brescia-based company which has been a leader in the motorcycle accessories market for years. We were immediately interested in their products and wanted to try them. After a year and a half of using the Experience bicycle touring saddlebags, I finally feel able to give a complete judgment.

Bombtrack travel bikes are now internationally known and appreciated by travelers and cyclists from all over the world. The German brand bicycles can be ridden for adventures of any kind with great fun. So let's present the models and the price list of the Bombtrack 2023 touring and bikepacking bikes.

The debate is always heated even if it is relegated to the small and restricted niche of us cycle travellers: is an MTB handlebar (flat) or a gravel handlebar (drop) better? I will try to answer, trying to be as objective as possible and without being influenced by subjective considerations. Let's then proceed by examining the advantages and disadvantages of both types of handlebars, contextualized in their use for cycle tourism.

Among the fundamental components of the bicycle we must include, without a shadow of a doubt, the tourism wheels. But are there specific wheels for travelling? And in general, what characteristics should they have? Let's find out together.

MTB flat pedal shoes are certainly the most used among bikers who use the bicycle for recreational purposes. Those who are experiencing a new youth and, above all, among those who practice mountain biking with an electric bike. Regardless of the user, it is essential to purchase products chosen with care and attention. In particular, you will need to pay attention to the type of route and MTB outing you intend to tackle in order to decide which types of shoes are suitable for that practice.

Below you will find some suggestions to help you choose and understand how to choose the best flat MTB shoes.

Touring ebikes remain a niche market, even though more and more companies believe in the growth of this segment and invest in the creation of specific models.

This year, given the market maturity, I tried to understand which are the best performing products in terms of comfort and pedalling, and below I therefore recommend you the best models of electric travel bicycles of 2023.

America is a huge country. It is one of the best places in the world to take a road trip, because it’s a very diverse country, with different landscapes, cultures, and people spread throughout. The weather varies depending on the state that you are in, too. If you want warm weather, then it’s best to go south. If you prefer snow and cold weather, then you can go north.

One problem a lot of people encounter on road trips is maintaining a healthy diet. It’s hard to eat healthily when you’re travelling. Don’t worry though, because this post will tell you everything you need to know about eating properly when you’re on the road.

Now that the world is becoming more open to travel, it is the perfect time to consider taking a well-earned break and getting away from it all. At first glance, this seems so simple, with online tools available to cater for seemingly every possibility.

Our latest purchase in terms of technology dedicated to bicycle touring and cycling is the Garmin Montana 700, heir to the model we previously owned (Montana 600). After a few months of use and especially after about a month of travel, we can only express a not very positive opinion, especially in terms of quality/price, on this device. But there are some weaknesses which shouldn't be there...

It's been years since I've bought it. Years of cycling, hiking, mistreatment and atmospheric agents. Now it's finally time to talk - here's my honest review of the Naturehike Cloud Up 2 bikepacking tent.

Bikepacking or bike touring with rack(s) and panniers? Online and at the numerous events related to the world of bicycles, discussions are increasingly animated… But does the perfect travel setup exist? In this article we will try to analyze the two most popular ways of carrying your luggage, by evaluating the advantages and the disadvantages of bikepacking and bicycle touring.

The concept is one and only: gravel! And when we talk about this world, we cannot fail to mention one of the main components of this type of bike that is increasingly gaining ground in the cycling and bicycle tourism environment: I'm talking about gravel handlebars and I say it deliberately in the plural as there are so many, of various shapes and facets. For this reason, below I will try to explain how to choose a gravel handlebar and what are the features of some of the best gravel handlebars for your bicycle adventures.

Roswheel bags and in particular Roswheel Tour Pannier 40L (the pair) are one of the products that marked the entry into the world of bicycle travel of this Shanghai company. Roswheel has been producing accessories for bicycles for years and has recently launched the production of bags for classic bicycle touring and bikepacking. We have tried a few of these bags over the last year and what you find below is our review on the larger model of panniers.

The time to pack up and leave is always an important and exciting moment. Before getting there, we are often assailed by a Hamletic doubt: where to carry the weights on the bike when cycling? Panniers and racks on the front, or on the rear, or better yet both front and rear? Below I will try to answer these questions based on my experience, trying to explain bike weight distribution on touring bikes.

How do you organize the distribution of weights and volumes in bikepacking for a bicycle trip? In this article you will be able to compare two bikepacking setups and, if you are approaching the varied world of bikepacking or if you want to compare your experience as a traveler with mine and that of Alessio founder of Cicloslavisti, you are in the right place.

The rear area is one of the most used areas for transporting luggage by bike. In bikepacking you work in the absence of luggage racks, but fortunately there are many bikepacking saddle bags in which to store clothes, sleeping bag and mattress, food... Surely this is the largest area, but everyone chooses what to place in these bags. In this article we will see the main features to take into consideration for the purchase of a bikepacking seat bag and I will present you 18 of the best on the Italian and International market.

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