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Why Life in Travel?

Easy ... because we travelled our whole life and because our life is fueled by travel (by bicycle)! We have seen enough places that we do not have time to write about them all (and this is a big problem), but we try to tell you as much as possible, without pretending to be exhaustive or objective: we write what we see and what we do, looking to be sometimes subjective and emotional, sometimes more descriptive and informative. We write because we like to share information and emotions, because it's nice to find people who have the same passions.
What kind of travellers are we?
We are low-cost bicycle travellers, on this, there is no doubt! The less we spend, the more we travel... the more we travel, the more we write and share... the more we share, the more we are happy... it is an equation that finds its closure in your sharing: you tell us about your experiences, you tell us how do to travel by bike spending little and we? The less we spend, the more we travel... in short, you understand how it works, no? So what are you waiting for, share your experiences with us.
In addition to being low-cost travellers, we love cycling tourism and we have been practising it for decades. The perfect trip for us is the one that leads us to travel by bike to discover less known, remote and possibly less frequented places. Mind you, the weekend in the beautiful Italian or European cities does not disgust us! But if we have to get on a flight to stay away from home more than a week, well: do not come to look for us in a tourist village! Nature, adventure, wilderness... our passion feeds on this and we try to tell you as much as possible about this! Cycling is a great passion for us and cycling trips play a fundamental role in our "curriculum" of travellers: New Zealand, Patagonia, South East Asia, Andes, Atlas and Drakensberg, the Balkans, Italy, Corsica... the big dream is now called World by bike!
Where Life in Travel was born?
Explaining why and where Life in Travel was born is easy: in the far 2007 I left for a year of Working Holiday in Australia and this site wanted to be a travel diary open to the world, mainly to friends and relatives, so that they could follow me in my adventures Down Under. Since then, between highs and lows, I started throwing my biggest passions in the heap: mountain biking, mountains, photography and, above all, trips... today we have thousands of articles, thousands of visitors every day and a great desire to continue to travel and write! Life in Travel, after years and years of publications, has become the bicycle touring blog reference in Italy thanks to the support of all... now we'll try to open our world to English speaking people even if we know that our English is not perfect, but we hope you'll appreciate the content more than the appearance!
What do you find on Life in Travel?
On the Italian site there are around 4000 articles and now we are starting to translate the more interesting, ranging from itineraries to reviews. These are the main sections of our blog:
Travel diaries and tales from the world Bicycle touring routes and MTB itineraries to discover the world Reviews and pieces of advice from the bicycle industries
 Why on Life in Travel do you find ads?
You will surely have noticed that there are ads banner on Life in Travel. We write and take care of the site at our best but this has a cost both in terms of time and in economic terms. In order to repay the operating expenses and keep travelling, we decided to include advertising and accept proposals for collaboration with companies and agencies that want to exploit the window of Life in Travel to advertise. We have and will always try to integrate advertising in a way that does not make it annoying for navigation and clear to all users. If you also want to insert advertising on lifeintravel you can contact us through the appropriate form or at info (at) lifeintravel.it
Travelling means remembering the past, live the present and dream the future!
Leo & Vero
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