Ours is a family on bicycles, of cycle travelers, a normal family that has transformed a sporting passion into a way of travelling with kids, first as a couple, then with children. Travelling by bike accompanied our life in all its phases: from children, to couple, to parents and it accompanied us really well, giving us such intense emotions... to make us want to share with the readers of this site, in the hope of infecting others families.

Some people spend a quiet life, enjoying what they meet on their way, without wanting anything more. Some end up being satisfied because aiming higher is tiring and requires incredible energy. Some others always look to the horizon trying, day after day, to reach it and don't stop until they succeed... at least a little. This is the story of a great journey through the peaks of Central Asia, between rushing rivers and uninhabited places, in an area where the shy snow leopard still survives and the population is nomadic.

"Holland - Australia by bicycle?!?" were my only words when we met Rudd and Michele on the side of Lake Bicaz, in Romania, almost five months ago. They were cycling in the opposite direction, on their way to Australia. Rudd, from Holland, and Michele originally from OZ spent their life together in the land of tulips. Now they are retirees and have decided to make their dream come true...

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