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Prosecco bicycle tour: cycling in Valdobbiadene

Prosecco bicycle tour: hills covered in vineyards, glasses and sparkling wine... Cycling in Valdobbiadene is a pleasant up and downhill passing by many wine producers where you cannot say no to a good glass of wine. The Piave river, not far, tells many sad stories when hate didn't spare anyone, even the green island known as the Island of the Deads. A mill, a castle high above, a villa and a long textile tradition: this is not only a cycling itinerary but a real bicycle tour into the living heart of Valdobbiadene and its surroundings.



Prosecco bicycle tour: Valdobbiadene

This Prosecco bicycle tour around the hills of Valdobbiadene by bicycle starts at the Hotel Canova, in Cavaso del Tomba, just a small ride from Pederobba and river Piave. From the structure, you can dive deep through golf fields to reach pretty quickly the village of Pederobba along narrow countryside roads and secondary roads. The French Military Memorial Monument, the first you'll meet on the SR348, is a sign of the past of these lands soaked with blood during the First World War. You ride on the so-called Feltrina (SR348), busy but fortunately large enough to proceed until the bridge over the Piave. Prosecco bicycle tour vigneti valdobbiadene
This river, known as "river of the homeland" is one of the symbols of the First World War, and keeps in its riverbed so many broken words, memories, thoughts...
From the river Piave, the track starts climbing slowly but relentlessly towards Valdobbiadene. The views change, the green vineyards take the water's place. This is the homeland of Prosecco, a continuous wave with some villages on the top of the hills, but mostly the many wine cellars. Saying no to a wine tasting would be impossible.
Villa dei Cedri in Valdobbiadene, a former factory owned by the family Piva, is majestic, San Pietro di Barbozza gifts us with some breathtaking views before catching the way again on this Prosecco bicycle tour with its thousands of shapes, the same route where the guys from the Giro d'Italia have ridden in 2015.Prosecco bicycle tour san pietro di barbozza

The crossroad

In Guia you get to choose at a crossroad: if you're trained and brave you can choose the higher part of Valdobbiadene towards Combai and Follina where you can visit a Cistercian Abbey; who loves less demanding routes can choose to go downhill towards Col di San Martino. Prosecco bicycle tour ciclabile valdobbiadeneFrom this village, you can wander on the secondary roads until Farra di Soligo or take the SP32 alternating mixed parts and bicycle lanes allowing to enjoy some views on the northern hills. The meeting point of the two tracks is Solighetto, where the brown signs towards the Molinetto (the Mill) della Croda show the right path.

Dangling in time

These landscapes are like suspended in time, in another dimension yet to come. You ride along the narrow river Lierza, in the namesake valley. The road gets narrower, the cars vanish, meeting cyclists gets more and more frequent, while you proceed through old houses and the river. A short gravel road welcomes the visitors at the Molinetto della Croda, 400 years old but still very much in shape.molinetto della crodaThe water of the Lierza slides fearless on the rocky wall next to the big blade running endlessly. This idyllic corner of Veneto deserves a stop for a picnic or just to take some pictures. During the weekends this mill is crowded, so if you can, please visit it during low season or during the week (2€ adults - free up to 14 years old, other information available on the website www.molinettodellacroda.it).
Surprise and inner peace are two of the feelings you might experience by staring at this beauty sitting down at one of the many wooden tables. Before leaving this magic site (where during a summer party the water current killed four people) we suggest keeping riding for 100 m on the road, see the beauty of this place from another point of view. 

Piave's smell

From the mill, this Prosecco bicycle tour comes back to the crossroad to Solighetto and continues towards Refrontolo to then turn again towards West and the village of Sernaglia della Battaglia. This area, once known for the factories working thanks to the river Piave and other water flows, nowadays keeps the memories and some buildings of the past economy. In the district of Fontigo, just a quick ride from the city centre, you can find the oasis Fontane Bianche, a natural area with many water sources where water flows at a constant temperature of 10°.isola dei morti
The river Piave, during the years, influenced the life of the inhabitants of this area, but mostly it represented the setting of a bloody fight just before the one in Vittorio Veneto. Just a quick ride from Moriago, next to Sernaglia, you can choose to visit the Memorial of the Isola dei Morti (Isle of the Deads). Once called Green Isle, this area just next to Piave became the Isle of Deads after the sacrifice of thousands of people losing their lives to break Austrian lines. A witness tells that you couldn't walk in here without stepping on a corpse...

The hills near Asolo 

Getting far from the gravel of the Isle of Deads you reach Vidor after which you cross Piave to come back to the starting point of this Prosecco bicycle tour. Before reaching Cavaso, this itinerary crosses the Asolo hills, some sweet up and downs (not always so sweet!) passing next to villas, fields, woods and farmsteads, directly inside the Grappa cycling ring and the Alpine cycleway. Prosecco bicycle tour colline asolane biciJust a last effort, a last ramp before the final descent in front of Monte Grappa, and our Prosecco bicycle tour ends in the very same starting point, after hundreds of emotions in this area rich in history.
If you're cycling this itinerary on a road bike, when you reach Moriano della Battaglia keep riding towards Mosnigo and then Vidor. The tracks of the Isle of Deads are unpaved!

Hotel Canovalogo Bike Hotels Italia

canova certified

Sleeping in Cavaso del Tomba

The starting point of this Prosecco bicycle tour is the Hotel Canova in Cavaso del Tomba which, thanks to its position just below Monte Grappa and not far from the valley Valdobbiadene, for the many services dedicated to cyclists, is a comfortable bike hotel where to start from in order to explore the entire area.


  • Valdobbiadene hills from your bicycle and a good goblet of Prosecco.
  • The stunning Molinetto della Croda in Refrontolo.
  • The Cistercian Abbey in Follina.
  • Isola dei Morti (the Isle of Deads) and its offroad paths.
  • The Asolo hills by bicycle.



  • How can I reach Cavaso del Tomba? The fastest way is by car or by Regional Train from Bassano del Grappa (2 changes, 1 and a half hour duration). 
  • Is this itinerary well signalled? This itinerary is not signalled, so we suggest download the GPS track (you can download it on this very page).
  • Are there fountains or water sources in general? On this itinerary, you can find many fountains, especially in the villages. 
  • How are the roads on this Prosecco bike tour? This paved road is in a good state, with two offroad sections near Molinetto della Croda and the Isle of the Deads.



  • How much does it cost to sleep in this area? During low season, the ideal period for this itinerary (spring and fall) you can find some interesting offers!
  • Where can I sleep on this Prosecco Bike Tour in Valdobbiadene? The best location is without any doubts in Cavaso del Tomba, where we suggest Hotel Canova, personally tried.



  • What can I eat in Valdobbiadene? The traditional dishes from Veneto are stunning, the typical baccalà alla vicentina (codfish), pasta and beans, grilled meats, cold cuts from Valdobbiadene, ricotta (cheese) gnocchi...
  • Where can I eat along the Prosecco bike tour? In Valdobbiadene stop in the district of San Pietro di Barbozza at Trattoria Alla Cima or at Trattoria dall'Angelina.




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