Cycling Dolomites on the Tofane and Cinque Torri loop is a two-day itinerary between Veneto and Alto Adige Dolomites. The rugged landscapes of white rock, the challenging dirt roads, the sunsets at high altitude, the endless horizons... these are just some of the unmissable features of this route between the provinces of Belluno and Bolzano.

Like every year, at the end of August we wanted to celebrate Vero's birthday on our mountain bikes, so we started thinking about a two-days-itinerary in our area... and we ended up bikepacking cycling the Big Ring of the Sibillini Mountains (in Italian GAS, Grande Anello dei Sibillini) for 5 days on mountain bikes, with Nala, our one year and a half dog, and three bikers/friends, who patiently waited for us despite their better and trained condition. Here is how it went!

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