Holland - Australia by bicycle: the journey of Rudd and Michele

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"Holland - Australia by bicycle?!?" were my only words when we met Rudd and Michele on the side of Lake Bicaz, in Romania, almost five months ago. They were cycling in the opposite direction, on their way to Australia. Rudd, from Holland, and Michele originally from OZ spent their life together in the land of tulips. Now they are retirees and have decided to make their dream come true...


Hi Ruud and Michele, we met you on the roads of Romania. You were heading east. Can you tell us, more or less, what you're doing and your next plans?

Thirty years ago when just married we very much wanted to ride our bikes to Australia with a possible view to settling there but, as so often in life, other opportunities arose whilst we were busy saving for our trip, such as good jobs, children, home and dog, the usual. So our dream was put aside but not lost and we now find ourselves on the road and loving it.

You're fulfilling your dream. Was it hard to take this decision? How your relatives and friends reacted?

We are most certainly fulfilling our dream! It was not difficult to take the decision, it was like the stars aligned and the time was right to do it. Some people, who had not heard of our plans in the past, were of course quite surprised and some even disbelieving but when we explained it further and talked it through with them most people’s reaction was one of awe and perhaps they were even a a little envious.free camping

Is it your first journey on a bicycle or you have other experiences?

We have always cycled, if not for general transportation at home, then longer distances, weekends away and holidays but always limited due to work and school holiday times.

How is life on a bicycle? What do you like the most and what do you really hate?

We just about love everything about it - all the obvious stuff like culture, people, food, exercise - being outdoors and all the experiences that come with that. Hate? Nothing really. Don’t relish really steep hills particularly when the weather is hot and nasty dogs!rudd michele holland australia

Is there something you miss from home and anything you would have gladly left there?

Nothing really... maybe our friends and family; particularly our daughters but then they are also travelling at the moment - presently we are a bit of a global family!

Who's the boss between you? Don't be diplomatic! ?

Okay, no diplomacy! Some people may say that I am the boss as I am somewhat more extrovert than Rudy, the quite strength in this partnership and partnership it is finely tuned over 30 years of marriageasking information

How do you plan the road you will take?

We have no real plan but simply a general direction and always open to suggestions and tips from fellow cyclists.

Which one, until now, was the best itinerary you followed?

As we do not really have an itinerary there is no best and all parts of our journey have had mostly highs and virtually no lows (until today when an ATM ate my bank pass)cappadocia bike tour

A bicycle trip is... let say that you have only three words to convince our readers to go on a bike tour? Which ones are they?

  • Freedom
  • Enriching
  • Adventurous

Can we follow your adventures online? Where?

Certainly!  Our website is Talewind.nlfreedom

Thanks and have a great and safe journey

All pictures are taken by Rudd and Michele and they are protected by copyright law.

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