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After almost two years I think that moment has come, the kilometers under the wheels are many and they have been covered on a notable variety of routes. I can therefore begin to give a complete and concrete opinion on the travel bike that has accompanied me around the world in recent trips: it is the Genesis Longitude a real&nbsp ;adventure bike from the English company.


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On a fully loaded trip to Oman, Costa Rica, Turkey, bikepacking in the Alps and with light bags in Sicily. Many daily excursions around home in Trentino

Test duration: 2 years

Gensis Longitude: old iron or new that advances?

The English brand creates different models of travel bikes, it is a guarantee regarding steel bikes for cycle tourism and we had the positive experience of the Genesis Tour de Fer 20 with which Vero traveled for a few years.

I admit, when I bought it a couple of years ago the doubts were many and solid: too extreme, too old, too classic, too modern. In short, everything and the opposite of everything. Yes, because the Longitude is a particular bike, and I'll make it clear right away, it's not a bike for everyone but then we'll see why.

27.5+ wheels with 2.8" tyres, hydraulic brakes, 35 mm rims are the most anomalous characteristics of this adventure bike which Genesis itself defines as an original mountain bike for go anywhere and do anything. Instead, the presence of the quick release, the double crankset and a long chainstay reveal its old-style traveler nature.

genesis bikepacking

In short, if on the one hand some features of this bike project it into the present, on the other hand it presents some clues that label it as an old generation bike. Precisely this mixture created doubts in me and at the same time generated that innate curiosity to explore the unknown, also in terms of materials and means.

So let's stop talking and let's find out how my coexistence went, but before getting to the heart of the review of the Genesis Longitude, let's see a brief overview of the main features of this bike.

genesis longitude carica recensione

The Genesis Longitude bike, with a geometry such as to have a long rear stay, a very low Stack/Reach ratioand a open steering, it is identified in all respects as a comfortable and rideable bike, on which you can pedal for hours and hours along the paths of the world. Yes, I'm talking about paths and not roads because it's clear that this bike definitely has an eye for off-road, even when pushed hard. Other features that make this clear are the nicely abundant tolerance, even if you decide to fit 29" wheels, the 10-speed cassette with a generous 42T and the < nice wide flat handlebar.

Genesis Longitude technical specs

Before delving into the review of the Genesis Longitude with a subjective opinion, let's examine in detail how this Genesis Longitude bikepacking bike is assembled. Before doing so, here are the main technical characteristics:

Genesis Longitude: specifications

Let's start by reporting the technical characteristics of the Genesis Longitude travel bike:

  • Type of bike: adventure bikes
  • Frame: double butted Mjölnir Cr-Mo steel
  • Fork: Cr-Mo steel
  • Rims: WTB ST i35 TCS 2.0
  • Tyres: WTB Trailblazer 27.5"x2.8"
  • Saddle: Genesis
  • Brakes: Shimano BR-MT400 hydraulic disc, 160mm rotor
  • Transmission: Shimano Deore 2x10 36/26 - 11/42
  • Handlebar: Genesis Aluminum flat 760 mm
  • Accessories: /
  • Load limit: nd
  • Weight size 56: 13.4 kg
  • List price: €1699

Find more details on the official Genesis website. Let's go into detail and continue with the review of the Genesis Longitude, analyzing it part by part.


If on the bike I rode previously, the Trek 920, many would probably have turned up their noses at the presence of an aluminum frame and fork, with this model I returned to the classic and evergreen double thickness Cr-Mo steel. I'm not obsessed with materials: even though I love steel and its eternity, I'm always convinced that the biggest difference in a bike, for travel but not only, can be made more by the geometries, even given the research developments that have been made in the sector in recent decades.genesis longitude carica

Speaking of geometries, I have already mentioned it previously, this bike has elements that give it a very marked identity and a marked propensity for off-road routes, where reactivity is not necessary but comfort and drivability are preferred (just think of the 68° steering angle).

Genesis Longitude wheels and tires

Also regarding the characteristics of the wheels, I have already made a mention previously: both wheels are anchored via quick release, a system that is dated but still absolutely valid on this type of bike, especially if it is taken into account that it will be much easier to find these spare parts in small towns in remote countries, compared to more modern thru axles.

The wheels are the WTB ST i35 TCS 2.0. They are 650B wheels with a 35mm internal channel and therefore very particular and although I have not had any problems in these two years, they are perhaps the element I am most afraid of: their breaking would not be easy to repair especially due to the absence of safety elements. replacement in difficult locations: however, no problem if you limit yourself to trips to tourist locations or places that have an established cycling culture.

genesis longitude cerchio 35mm

I haven't yet replaced these wheels with more classic 700c ones because I honestly have to say that, apart from the fear of breakage, I'm fine with them. Despite the 2.8" tires (I have now mounted a 2.6") they have an incredible smoothness on dirt roads and copy rocks and roots excellently on the paths, even with inner tubes which I prefer to tubeless (the rims are tubeless ready). In two years and around 15,000 km of cycling I got punctures twice so the WTB trailblazer tires were also promoted although they are not comparable to the safer and heavier travel tyres on the market.

genesis longitude wtb trailblazer foratura


As for the saddle, I practically didn't have the opportunity to try the standardGenesis because I immediately mounted the Rivet leather saddle that I've been traveling with for a few years now. The judgment, however always very personal on this component, therefore remains suspended.


Even in this case there will be those who turn up their noses at the presence of hydraulic disc brakes. Personally, I have been traveling with this type of brake for years now and I believe that the level of reliability achieved is very high. In two years I've abused the Genesis enough by flying it to the ends of the earth, loading it into cars and buses, leaving it lying on the ground at night and standing upright hanging from a wall for days: the hydraulic brakes showed no problems and I did I only purge once a year.

A curiosity: Genesis, being an English brand, comes standard with reversed brakes compared to how we are used to: the rear on the left and the front on the right. On a travel bike it's not a big problem as you don't have to make sudden or extreme braking, but personally I preferred to reverse them to immediately find the right feeling, often pedaling with other bikes, the MTB in particular.


One of the groupsets that I find most suitable from Shimano for a travel bike is the Deore mounted on the Genesis. Stable, solid and simple. The 2x10 is, in my opinion, a perfect choice for this bike and with the 26x42 as the most agile ratio, it allows you to go practically anywhere. Also appreciable from the perspective of very steep roads, given the explorer spirit of this model.

genesis longitude deore
The presence of the double chainring is, in my opinion, the most suitable solution for an adventure bike: the single chainring is too limiting at full load for us (not so much for the range ratios as well as for the variety of intermediate metric developments), while the triple now has a spectrum, even in the central ratios, little different compared to the solution with two crowns and ten pinions.

A factor that could be limiting for some is the presence of a 36x11 as the longest gearbox, a bit agile and unmanageable above 35-40 km/h: this certainly does not represent a problem for myself who rarely exceeds 20km/h even on flat terrain when traveling :)


Also in this case I cannot give an opinion on the standard Genesis handlebar - which in any case is a normal flat handlebar with a bit of backsweep - because I immediately mounted a Surly Moloko , particular handlebar that I had in mind for a few years: I liked it but I don't like it it changed my life. For details, I refer you to the review, also because this evaluation is based on my travel style and could be absolutely different for you.

genesis longitude manubrio moloko sella rivet


The Genesis Longitude is a bike that now, despite costing more than €1500, can be defined as medium/low cost and in fact it is a product that focuses on the point, without great details or particularities other than the fact of being equipped with countless eyelets on both the frame and the fork. Front and rear luggage racks, anything cages and three bottle cages can be attached.

genesis longitude eylets

Genesis Longitude: price

The list price of the Genesis Longitude 2024 model, which is the same as mine, is £1499.99 which in Italy translates into a price of €1699, which as mentioned earlier is an excellent price for a bike of this type in steel.

Where I traveled with the Genesis Longitude

In the last two years I have done all kinds of trips with the Longitude, from big trips to Costa Rica and Oman, at shorter excursions on the paths of the Alps, from daily routes on cycle paths to technical routes in the woods. Based on this experience I can say that the Genesis is certainly an all-round bike, with which you can pedal anywhere, but if you are a person who takes cycle routes and travels mostly on asphalt, I do not recommend this bike.

The Longitude is at its best on dirt roads, from the slightly bumpy white roads of Oman to the single flow trails of the Alps. The smoothness of the 2.8" tires really amazed me but in any case with the variety of models available today cannot be compared to a fast and high-performance gravel bike with which you can also travel.

genesis longitude val di vizze

The comfort is amazing although I must admit that at first I suffered from tingling in my hands (when I spent many hours in the saddle), but after a biomechanical visit and a more precise setting in the saddle solved this problem. My back has never had any problems despite the fact that in recent years I have suffered a little in that area of ​​the body and the pedaling has always seemed rounded and suited to my characteristics.

The flat handlebar (Moloko or not) is an essential added value for me on technical terrain and although I also get used to drops straight away, I undoubtedly prefer it . I happened to suffer the hardest gear a little short on the plain on a day in Costa Rica with a nice tailwind (yes, guys, it happens! Once in a lifetime it can also happen to have a tailwind!) because, as already said, above 35 km/h you have to twist a lot but otherwise the group has always convinced me.

genesis longitude ciclovia parks sicilia

The bike performs well both when unloaded and fully loaded although I must say that, as agood pack mule, it gives its best when you load ita little.

I have already said and repeat that the handling with the 27.5" wheels is truly perfect for me (I'm 1.75 cm) while I cannot give an opinion on a possible setup with 29" wheels also if I'm seriously thinking about buying them with slightly slimmer covers for the more cycling trips I'm going to do.

Conclusions: Genesis Longitude is not for everyone

In conclusion, the Genesis Longitude travel bike is an excellent product for those who love off-road trips. It is not a bike with which I would tackle a trip entirely on cycle paths or asphalt  for which I would look for a more reactive and less rideable bike like the ones you find in this list of touring bikes. But it's a bike with which I would easily set off on a long journey of a few months on road, dirt and mixed surfaces, even if they're a little rough and technical. Once seated in the saddle, I could pedal for hours without effort, especially when charged.

I think I have listed all the details necessary to evaluate whether to choose to purchase this adventure bike but if you have any doubts, write a comment below.


  • Comfortable geometries
  • Wheel clearance up to 3" with 27.5" and 2.6" with 29"
  • Flat handlebar
  • Excellent value for money
  • MTB geometries not suitable for travel on cycle paths or on asphalt and that's it
  • Harder gear ratio a little short
  • Soft tires that last 2000-2500 km and no more
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