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Bombtrack adventure and touring bikes: 2023 models and price list

Bombtrack travel bikes are now internationally known and appreciated by travelers and cyclists from all over the world. The German brand bicycles can be ridden for adventures of any kind with great fun. So let's present the models and the price list of the Bombtrack 2023 touring and bikepacking bikes.

Overview of Bombtrack touring bikes

The Cologne-based company is now one of the most popular European travel bike brands. The quality and, above all, the right marketing choices, have made Bombtrack bicycles real references in the bike touring market. In the list of the best touring bikes we have rightfully included the Beyond 1, one of Vero's favorite models that will be his travel companion again this year.

The travel range includes, in addition to the various Beyonds which this year, as we will see, present some innovations, also the Arise Tour, ready to go. As in the case of the English brand Genesis, the travel bikes listed are those that we personally consider to be touring bicycles in the strict sense and which the same company includes in the Adventure Touring category.

Although they produce them, we will therefore not be discussing Bombtrack gravel bikes or commuting and cyclocross bikes that may be suitable for travel, but were born for other purposes. Among these are for example the Hook, the Audax, the Cale or the Tension. Maybe in the future we will also talk about those models, but for now we will limit ourselves to a more in-depth overview of the following:

bici da viaggio Bombtrack

Bombtrack Travel Bikes: aluminum and suspension in 2023

The big news for 2023 from Bombtrack, as far as the adventure touring family is concerned, involves the flagship of the house, the Beyond. In fact, two new alternative models to those that have by now become a classic have been introduced in this segment. In particular, the new features concern the introduction of a Bombtrack Beyond SUS with suspension fork and a Beyond AL with light alloy frame. The other models that have made the fortune of the Cologne brand remain present and have not undergone substantial changes except in the price. Arise Tour and Beyond, in the 1, 2, Junior, Plus and Plus ADV versions, remain bikes designed for cycle travellers, with a steel core and good quality components across the entire range.

The simplicity of a rigid system, without cushioning, has been the foundation on which Bombtrack's most popular model, the Beyond, has been based so far. However, the exploration of new roads has led the guys from Cologne to introduce a cushioned model: only time will tell if it will be a meteor or will find its place in the crowded market between travel and gravel.

Bombtrack Arise Tour 2023: technical features

  • Bicycle range: Touring bicycle
  • Frame: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Fork: 4130 crmo 
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Fuzz
  • Transmission: Bombtrack Ames/Microshift 2x10 30/46 - 11/42
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre C - mechanical disc, 160mm rotor
  • Rims: WTB ST i19, 32 holes
  • Tires: VEE Speedster, 38-584 (XS-S) - 40-622 (M-XL)
  • Weight: 14,7 kg
  • Max load: 130 kg
  • Accessories: Tubus Logo Evo rear rack, Tubus Tara front rack, Bombtrack Pipe plastic 50mm fender, KT dynamo, Supernova E3 Pure 3 front light, E3 tail Light 2
  • Price: 2399 €

bici da viaggio Bombtrack 2022 Bombtrack Arise Tour

Bombtrack Arise Tour - 2023

Bombtrack Arise Tour 2023: ready for a long journey?

Bombtrack's classic touring bike hasn't changed compared to 2022 and is always presented as the ideal bike for those who want to cover many kilometers and face journeys, even long ones, mainly on asphalt or on compact surfaces.

The Arise Tour was designed to be ready for the road. It features Tubus front and rear racks, mudguards and Supernova lights powered by the hub dynamo. The double front (30-46) and the 42 at the rear will allow you to pedal even the toughest climbs with a full load. The bar-end shifters aren't my favorite but they keep the cost down and once you get used to them they won't be a problem.

The equipment is completed by mechanical disc brakes, a wheel connection with a 12mm through pin and a drop handlebar with 10° of flare (the outward opening is a peculiar feature of gravel handlebars). The mounted wheels are 27.5" (38mm) in sizes XS and S while they are the more classic 700 (40mm) in the other sizes (M-XL). Frame and fork are made of double butted 4130 steel, to last over time, with eyelets for luggage racks and spoke holders on the rear triangle.

Ultimately, this model is ideal for those who want a bike that can become a faithful and lasting travel companion, to travel far without exploring too extreme and off-road routes.

Bombtrack Beyond 1 2023: technical features

  • Bicycle range: Adventure bike
  • Frame: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Fork: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Fuzz
  • Transmission: Sram Apex GX 2x10 28/40 - 11/36
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre C - mechanical disc, 180mm front - 160mm rear rotor
  • Rims: WTB ST i23, 32 holes
  • Tires: WTB Ranger TCS Light 27.5"x2.0" (XS-S) - 29"x2.0" (M-XL)
  • Weight: 12,9 kg
  • Max load: 140 kg
  • Accessories:
  • Price: 2199 €

Bombtrack Beyond 1 2022

Bombtrack Beyond 1 2023

Bombtrack Beyond 1 2023: discover the world in the saddle

Also in this case there are no changes compared to a year ago. A bike that can take you far and off the beaten track. I was lucky enough to test the 2018 model of the Bombtrack Beyond 1 and after that first experience, last year Vero decided to buy one of the ones we rented and keep it for himself, bringing it to Spain so far on the Montanas Vacìas, in Jordan on the Jordan Bike Trail and in Greece between Peloponnese, Crete and the islands. There's a reason why it hasn't changed much in the last 5 years: it's a solid and balanced bike that needs only minor improvements every now and then.

The Beyond 1 is one of the Bombtrack bikes with which you can ride on the road and not get too tired over long distances, but you can also push yourself on dirt roads and trails with a full load. The dropbar, even if with 30° of flare and a stem with 17° of rise, doesn't make it ideal for too extreme trails, but otherwise, you can go around the world with it without problems. This model is the entry level of the Beyond range, with mechanical disc brakes, 27.5"x2.0" or 29"x2.0" wheels depending on the size, 23mm tubeless ready rims, Sram 2x10 groupset and steel frame double butted with eyelets almost everywhere (fork, top tube, triple bottle cage...). The thru axles are 15mm in front and 12mm in the rear, to withstand any stress.

In short, the Bombtrack Beyond 1 is the ideal bike for those who want to tackle big trips on mixed terrain and explore the world on the saddle.

Bombtrack Beyond SUS 2023: technical features

  • Bicycle range: Adventure bike
  • Frame: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Fork: Rockshox Rudy 40mm 
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Fuzz
  • Transmission: Sram Apex 1 1x11 36 - 11/42
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre C - mechanical disc, 180mm front, 160mm rear rotor
  • Rims: WTB ST i23, 32 holes
  • Tires: WTB Venture TCS Light 650Bx47C (XS-S) - 700Cx50C (M-XL)
  • Weight: 12,2 kg
  • Max load: 140 kg
  • Accessories: /
  • Price: 2699 €

bombtrack beyond sus

Bombtrack Beyond SUS 2023

Bombtrack Beyond SUS 2023: a little more comfort

I'll tell you right away: I'm not a big fan of an adventure bike with a suspension fork. Maybe because I'm old school. I am convinced that a 40mm fork is an almost superfluous element on a bike like this but in Cologne they have always been attentive to the needs of all their customers and if Bombtrack wanted to release this model it means that the requests are there.

The Bombtrack Beyond SUS sits somewhere between a hardtail MTB and the Beyond 1. The Rockshox Rudy fork, as mentioned from 40mm, is combined with a SRAM Apex 1 single chainring drivetrain with the 36 in front and the 11-42 in the rear at 11 speed. Also in this case I would say that the choice is clear and winks much more at off-road than at road, perhaps also because gravel bikes are gaining the upper hand in that segment.

The Seido Tackle dropbar with 25° of flare and a stem with 17° of rise is a little less pronounced than that of the Beyond 1 but remains comfortable and rideable even if it doesn't make it ideal for too extreme trails, but otherwise, you can easily go off-road. The rest of the components remain similar to the Beyond 1, with mechanical disc brakes, 650Bx47mm or 700Cx50mm wheels depending on the size, 23mm tubeless ready rims, double butted steel frame with eyelets almost everywhere (top tube, triple bottle cage ...). The thru axles are 12mm in front and 12mm at the rear with another obvious shortcoming at the front compared to the Beyond 1 for heavy loads.

Bombtrack Beyond AL 2023: technical features

  • Bicycle range: Touring bicycle
  • Frame: 6061 T6 hydro-formed alloy
  • Fork: 6061 alloy
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Fuzz
  • Transmission: Sram Apex 1 1x11 36 - 11/42
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre C - mechanical disc, 180mm front, 160mm rear rotor
  • Rims: WTB ST i23, 32 fori
  • Tires: WTB Ranger TCS Light 27.5"x2.0" (XS-S) - 29"x2.0" (M-XL)
  • Weight: N.D.
  • Max Load: 140 kg
  • Accessories: /
  • Price: 2049 €

bombtrack beyond 1 al

Bombtrack Beyond AL 2023

Bombtrack Beyond AL 2023: traveling light

Bombtrack's exploration on the Beyond models is not limited to the components but also touches the frame and in particular the material. Bombtrack throws itself into another challenge: to build an aluminum adventure bike. I have to be honest, I like this innovation much more than the suspension fork (but as I always say, these are personal considerations). I've already used aluminum quite often for traveling and I've never found it bad even though steel remains my favorite for long journeys.

Either way this Bombtrack model features a hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame with lightweight internal cabling. The top tube is slightly curved to optimize the comfort/stiffness ratio. There are multiple eyelets both on the frame for mudguards, luggage rack and triple bottle cage, and on the fork (always in 6061 aluminium) for cage or luggage rack. The transmission is with a single chainring as on the SUS model (Sram Apex 1x11 with 36-11/42) while the wheels and tires are the same as the Beyond 1, designed more for travelers than for those who go out on a daily basis.

A bike suitable for those who like to travel light and prefer aluminum to steel.

Bombtrack Beyond 2 2023: technical features

  • Bicycle range: Adventure bike
  • Frame: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Fork: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Fuzz
  • Transmission: Sram Apex 1x11  36 - 11/42
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre C - mechanical disc, 180mm front, 160mm rear rotor
  • Rims: WTB ST i23, 32 fori
  • Tires: Panaracer Gravelking SK 48-584 (XS-S) - 50-622 (M-XL)
  • Weight: 13,2 kg
  • Max load: 140 kg
  • Accessories: Bombtrack Deck front rack, KT dynamo, Supernova E3 Pure 3 front light, E3 Tail Light 2
  • Price: 2599 €

Bombtrack Beyond 2 2023

Bombtrack Beyond 2 2023

Bombtrack Beyond 2 2023: a night beast

For the Beyond 2 the same goes for the Beyond 1. Compared to the 2022 model there are no news.

The Bombtrack Beyond 2 is nothing more than an evolution of the Beyond 1, with some accessories that can come in handy on the go. In particular, the construction quality of the Beyond 1 remains, but the lights are added with a Supernova system powered by the hub dynamo as on the Arise Tour.

Furthermore, a Bombtrack Deck front luggage rack is mounted on the fork to load part or all of your luggage. In short, if you love pedaling at night or having the certainty of being able to light the way in tunnels, the Beyond 2 is the right choice for you, as well as if you prefer to transport the load on your bike, without breaking the bank too much to buy bikepacking bags.

Bombtrack Beyond Junior 2023: caratteristiche tecniche

  • Bicycle range: Adventure bike 
  • Frame: 6061 alloy
  • Fork: 6061 alloy
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Drift 
  • Transmission: Microshift Advent 1x9  32 - 11/42
  • Brakes: Tektro Mira / Lyra - mechanical disc, 160mm front - 140 mm rear rotor
  • Rims: Bombtrack TX20 i19, 32 holes
  • Tires:  Kenda Small Block Eight 24"x1.95"
  • Weight: 10,9 kg
  • Max load: 90 kg 
  • Accessories: /
  • Price: 1099 €

bici da viaggio Bombtrack 2022 Bombtrack Beyond Junior

Bombtrack Beyond Junior 2023

Bombtrack Beyond Junior 2023: kids on travel

As in 2022, also in 2023 the Beyond Junior remains one of the few gravel/adventure bikes suitable even for the little ones.

Adventure leaves no one behind. They must have thought so at Bombtrack when they made the Beyond Junior. A travel bike even for the little ones. With 24" wheels, an aluminum frame and fork that have plenty of eyelets to hook up everything you need to be autonomous. Handlebars with plenty of flare and a short stem for improved rideability, along with brake levers that are spaced closer together to suit smaller hands, these are details designed to offer younger bikers an ideal means of approaching travel and adventure on their own.

Bombtrack Beyond Plus 2023: technical features

  • Bicycle range: Adventure bike 
  • Frame: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Fork: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Fuzz
  • Transmission: Sram SX-Eagle 1x12  30 - 11/50
  • Brakes: Sram Level – hydraulic disc, 180mm front - 160 mm rear rotor 
  • Rims: WTB ST i35, 32 holes
  • Tires:  WTB Ranger TCS Tough Fast Rolling 27.5"x2.80" tubeless teady
  • Weight: 14,4 kg
  • Max load: 165 kg 
  • Accessories: /
  • Price: a partire da 2199 €

 bici da viaggio Bombtrack 2023 Bombtrack Beyond Plus

Bombtrack Beyond Plus 2023

Bombtrack Beyond Plus 2023: offroad adventure

If you are looking for a mountain bike for traveling and bikepacking, well I would say that here you will find bread for your teeth.

The Beyond Plus is a travel bike that winks at the roughest trails, at the most extreme dirt roads, at those who love to dare even in planning an adventure at the antipodes of the world or at home. If I hadn't bought the Genesis Longitude, I would most likely have chosen this model.

27.5" wheels with super wide 2.8" tubeless ready tyres, hydraulic disc brakes for more responsive and immediate braking, flat handlebars for greater handling on technical terrain and Sram Eagle with a 50-tooth pan for climbing even the steepest trails. give this SUV of Bombtrack adventure bikes a decidedly rustic character and perfect for off-road trips that in the past would have been the exclusive prerogative of MTBs.

The weight is demanding, but the solidity and the load limit are a guarantee.

Bombtrack Beyond Plus ADV 2023: technical features

  • Bicycle range: Adventure bike 
  • Frame: double butted 4130 crmo
  • Fork: full carbon
  • Saddle: Bombtrack Fuzz
  • Transmission: Sram GX-Eagle 1x12  30 - 10/52
  • Brakes: Sram Level 180mm front, 160 mm rear rotor 
  • Rims: WTB ST i45, 32 holes
  • Tires:  WTB Ranger TCS Tough Fast Rolling 29"x3.0" tubeless ready
  • Weight: 13,7 kg
  • Max load: 165 kg 
  • Accessories: /
  • Price: 3049 €

bici da viaggio Bombtrack 2022 Bombtrack Beyond Plus ADV

Bombtrack Beyond Plus ADV 2023

Bombtrack Beyond Plus ADV 2023: go anywhere

The Beyond Plus ADV is Bombtrack's flagship travel bike. A little jewel with which to ride almost anywhere off-road: a travel mountain bike. Some changes compared to the past can be found on this bike, especially in the brakes.

The characteristics of this stone crusher immediately distinguish it: 29"x3.0" wheels to copy any roughness without problems, H Jones handlebar that offers many positions and guarantees excellent comfort and handling, carbon fork and Sram GX-Eagle 1x12 transmission with a sprocket set with an enormous range (10-52). The brakes are the hydraulic Sram Levels which have been replacing the 4-piston maguras for a couple of years now but still guarantee excellent quality and rapid stopping.

In short, a bike that is ready to take you on an adventure wherever you want to go. Let me be clear, always and in any case off-road because if you put it on asphalt it will be rather awkward and slow.

This is the Bombtrack 2023 range of adventure bikes and travel bikes: adventure remains an important focus for the German company and the bikes are always well-finished and fascinating. We love them, what do you think?

We will try to give you more details on Bombtrack's gravel and allroad bikes shortly.

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