Paolo Serra

Paolo Serra

Ciclista "tardivo", dopo i 46 anni, e sovrappeso. Cicloturista da quando sono riuscito a convincere mia moglie a seguirmi. Primi anni con giri a margherita e poi itineranti. Un'esperienza di coppia entusiasmante che consiglio a tutti.

I like having a chat with the cyclists I meet. Where are you going, where are you from etc… I especially like being a Cicero and giving advice on where to go or what to see. My messy English and the difficulty of explaining a route (even in Italian) even led me to advise a German to go and see my article on Lifeintravel.it.

Since I've been riding a little lately, I decided to write about the best-known route: the Ligurian Riviera di Levante by bike, more precisely the stretch from Genoa (included) and Sestri Levante.

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