Bicycle touring checklist: what to carry on a bicycle trip

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The last days before the departure are always tough. Organize the trip, fix your last business problems, clean the house just to have it in a minimal standard condition, check all the amazing websites you found about your trip and must of all... prepare the bags, panniers or trailer.
The funniest and scariest thing is the final check of the material you are bringing along with you: something I include today in the bags, I leave it out during the next trip. Once departed, I always remember I left something really important right on that table (or in that closet)...
This balancing exercise (weight/volume and comfort) keeps repeating at each departure, so we decided to make a checklist for bicycle touring, pointing out everything that could be useful on a bicycle trip.
Cosa portare per un viaggio in bici lifeintravel.it
The following checklist was born on the days prior to our bicycle trip to the Andes and it is a complete list of what you might need on a bicycle tour, but this doesn't mean you have to carry all these things with you. Based on our experience, some things carried during the trip stay down in the panniers unused. The ability of an expert bicycle tourer is knowing how to reduce this percentage to the minimal, without being with no clothes or useful objects.
Remember, in general, the duration of a trip is not proportional to the weight of your luggage, so a weekly trip will require the same amount of things than a monthly trip, more or less. The main variations in weight and volume depend on the season you are traveling in (winter/summer...), on the type of trip (cycle path, MTB, in autonomy...), on the place (Polar Circle/ Tropics...) and on the sleeping conditions (wild camping + own food / restaurants + hotels). 
So here you have the bicycle touring checklist divided in categories.

Bicycle Accessories

Rack (front and/or rear)
Waterproof panniers (front and/or rear)
Handlebars bag
Waterproof fork bag (for tent and sleeping bag)
Water Cages 
Rearview mirror  
Front light  
Rear light
Chain and lock

Bicycle Tools

Mini air pump
Spare inner tubes
Inner tubes repair kit (glue+ patches)
Multitool (Allen key + chain breaker)
Spare chain links
Allen wrench (6,7 and 10)
Tire changer
Chain lubricant
Shifter cable  
Brake cable  
Spare spokes and nipples
Spare screws and bolts
Plastic tie
Brake pads

Bicycle Clothes

Summer Helmet
Cycling jersey (2)
Cycling overall (2)
Cycling gloves (1)
Cycling socks (5-6)
Cycling/trekking shoes (1)
Sunglasses (1)
Winter Long cycling jersey (1)
Long cycling overall  
Breathable underwear (short and long) (1)
Winter gloves (1)
Arm warmers  
Leg warmers (1)
Rain and wind jacket (1)
Waterproof pants (1)
Cap (1)
Winter socks (2-3)
Shoe covers (1)

Casual Clothes

T-Shirt (2)
Trekking Pants (1)
Underwear (2)
Long underwear (1)
Long socks (1)
Long pants (1)
Sweater (1)
Bathing suit  

Camping Tools

Sleeping bag
Self-inflatable air bed
Hammock or gym mat  
Inflatable pillow
Camping pot set
Multifuel primus
Fuel for primus
Water purifying system or tabs
Swiss knife
Mosquito net  
Lighter / matches
Front headlight


GPS outdoor navigator
Action camera
Reflex + charger
SD cards (3-4)
USB cable + socket
Notebook with charger
External hard disk   
I-Pod or MP3 reader  
Extra batteries (AAA, AA...)
E-book reader  


Travel towel
Toothpaste + dental floss
Shampoo + soap
Wet wipes
Toilet paper
Hands cream  
Sun cream
Hair comb
Tweezers + nail scissors
Glasses / contact lenses  

Pharmacy Kit

Intestinal antibiotic
Band-aids and bandages
First aid band  
Clotting agent  

Old Style

Pen and block notes
Travel guides
Prints and copies
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Francesco G

ITA - Ho 33 anni e sono piemontese, anche se da qualche anno vivo e lavoro in Lombardia. Dopo un inizio da totale inesperto in questo campo, mi sono avvicinato al mondo dei cicloviaggi e della bicicletta sempre più. Oggi posso definirmi "cicloviaggiatore", e assieme all'altra mia passione - il videomaking - non mi fermerei mai! Cyclo ergo sum, pedalo quindi sono, per cercare di capire perché andare in bici sia così bello, terapeutico, ricco... E ogni volta che provo a capirlo, non ce la faccio, e sono costretto a ripartire sui pedali!

ENG - I'm from Piedmont and I'm 33 years old, I have been living and working in Lombardy for a few years. After a start without any competence in this field, I then approached the bicycle world more and more. Today I can call myself a bicycle traveller and videomaker who would never ever stop. Cyclo ergo sum, I cycle therefore I am. I ride my bike trying to understand why it is so beautiful, rich, therapeutic. And every time I try, I do not understand it. So I must leave again...