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10 best bicycle GPS in 2021

By now using a GPS for bicycle, outdoor activities or trekking has become very important, let me say essential. We have been using it for 15 years now. We started with a non-cartographic GPS together with paper maps, in order to track our routes, to then switch to a cartographic GPS more similar to a cyclo-computer. Now we are using a more generic one, more outdoor-oriented than bicycle oriented. Enough talking: let's see which are the best bicycle GPS in 2021 in my personal opinion and online research.

Why using a bicycle GPS?

I'm not going to use this article to explain how to choose an outdoor bicycle GPS, because the reasons could be different and too many, and they deserve a dedicated article (which I promise I'm going to write as soon as I can). But at least let me say why we use a GPS in our MTB excursions and bicycle journeys. 

In the beginning, we were skeptical because, mostly in our journeys, having a GPS device means having more weight to carry and another device to recharge. But then the desire to discover new roads and find, in every part of the world, some routes outside of the mainstream and known roads has prevailed. Let's quote the MTB routes as well, where trails and tracks are difficult to find and follow. Having a paper map gives a more complete vision, and when we manage to, we bring one along. But then, having a zoomable map on site, detailed and small, gives us the possibility to find the alternative roads and understand the type of terrain. There are a lot of reasons why we have chosen a GPS device for MTB and bicycle touring, but these are the main ones and I won't be too long.

The alternative which I am not suggesting for long day trips or longer journeys is using a smartphone with an outdoor App. We use this option with pleasure, but only in case of malfunctioning of our GPS device, or for short rides on the road or walks. These dedicated devices are realized for outdoor activities and so waterproof, log duration batteries, a strong GPS signal and superior to the phones. There are many more reasons why we use a dedicated GPS device for our outdoor activities. For now, let's focus on the best 10 bicycle GPS devices in 2021 in my opinion.

GPS Device

Screen size




Garmin Edge Explore
116 g
Up to 12 h
Garmin Montana 700
397 g
Up to 18 h
TwoNav Trail 2 Bike
220 g
20 h
Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport
125 g
16 h
Xplova X5
118 g
Wahoo Elemnt
99 g
17 h
Mio Cyclo 605 HC
177 g
15 h
Polar M460
50 g
16 h
Lezyne Mega XL
83 g
48 h
Bryton Rider 860E
128 g
16 h

Garmin Edge Explore

If you say outdoor GPS device, you say Garmin! Let's be crystal clear: this is the main company for outdoor navigation systems in Italy and in many others countries in the world.

Solid, trustworthy, durable GPS devices. Garmin has become a leader company in producing outdoor GPS devices thanks to its high-quality products in constant innovation. In its vast product range, you can find trekking, bicycle, running, fitness outdoor GPS. Moreover, a very professional and great community of Garmin GPS owners can suggest you and guide through the choice and use of your first Garmin product... just search online.

For bicycle lovers, the Edge series is the main one, even if I personally find these more similar to a cyclo-computer, so dedicated to professionals more than a bicycle tourist or outdoor lover biker. Recently, however, Garmin has launched Edge Explore, more suitable for bicycle tourists and bikers.

The main features are a touch 3" screen (so not so big), waterproof IPX7, the possibility to connect with security devices by Garmin and with the smartphone, a Garmin Cycle map already loaded on the device and a rechargeable ion battery with duration up to 12 hours. The price for this device is 247,60$, plus the almost compulsory purchase of its stand for the handlebar.


Garmin Montana 700

Since 2015 we are two happy owners of the best GPS by Garmin, a Garmin Montana 610: the device described in the following lines is the third or fourth evolution of our device.

The Edge series by Garmin was not for us, as stated previously, so, at the moment of the purchase, we oriented our choice elsewhere. Among the numerous series, the one that suits our needs is the model Montana, today available with numerous models - 610 and 680 were the last generation - in the next lines you'll meet the newest, Montana 700, for more demanding bikers.

There are three alternatives of this GPS of this 10 best bicycle GPS in 2021 list: Montana 700, Montana 700i and Montana 750i. The first is the basic model (well, as "basic" as 599€ can be...), with TopoActive Europe maps loaded on, but you can choose to load yours (we personally prefer OpenMTBmap and here you can read how to install them).The 5" touchscreen (the biggest now) guarantees a good vision of the map and a level of details moe than stisfying. The signal GPS and Glonass guarantees a more rapid and precise positioning, a barometric altimeter and a three axes compass will help the positioning, the battery lives up to 18 hours and can be replaced by 3 AA batteries, aspect which saved us more than once during a journey, and lastly IPX7 waterproof system.

The only negative points are its weight and bulkiness, but if you don't mind carrying 400 g more on the handlebar, it's a great choice. The price for this device is 599,99$ going up to 699,00$ for Montana 700i with InReach integrated (messaging technology and SOS 24/7 with a sat fee) and 799,99$ for Montana 750i with InReach technology and 8MP camera.

TwoNav Trail 2 Bike

A flourishing company in the GPS devices world is without any doubt the Catalan CompeGPS which with its TwoNav devices has made its success in Italy and worldwide. Realized by sportsmen (the beginning was the paragliding), the bicycle GPS TwoNav are robust and light, becoming more and more specialized for different outdoor activities. My choice was the TwoNav Trail 2 Bike mainly for the generous portion of the screen (3,7"), with lightweight and the handlebar stand included in the bundle (differently than Garmin, for example). Its main features are 3,7" screen, 4 front buttons, 2 side buttons and a joystick for the navigation, 4000 mAh battery with a standard autonomy of 20 hours, your country map and SeeMe function (for free for 6 months). The price of this device is from 340,50€. 

Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport

This German company is a leader in producing bicycle devices and recently also bicycle GPS. The most famous and used is Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport, an avant-garde product. The display can adapt to light conditions of the environment to give you the best visibility in every condition. Moreover it can recognize the raindrops and avoid interference during the use in rainy days. The presence of 6 buttons, a touch screen and IP67 waterproof system make this product very reliable, together with its integrated WiFi system, being able to communicate with Apps like Komoot, Strava, Sigma Cloud and Dropbox. The pre-loaded maps are based on Openstreetmaps data, with the possibility to download every country automatically.

The main features of this Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport are: pretty small 3" screen (if compared to the other models), 16h autonomy battery, three axes compass and altimetric barometer, 8 GB internal sotrage. A plus is the presence of the handlebar mount, starting from 366 € (there are different models with 4GB or 8GB internal storage).

Xplova X5

Despite I'm not a fan of "all-in-one" devices, this bicycle GPS device made me curious: it integrates a camera inside of a GPS device, and you are able to record movies (low-quality ones) automatically set it for a certain speed, or heart rate, or a certain point of interest. Then you can put together data and video and pair them to other Apps like Strava. It also features a live tracking with a graphic view of your data and a 3G communication integrated. On the device, you find the OSM maps and this should help you further updates.
I repeat: I usually think that a device should do its job well, so a GPS should be a GPS navigator, and an action camera should be an action camera, but the curiosity overcomes the reticence, and I'd like to try this device, in the EVO version, maybe. Its main features are a 3" screen, IPX7 waterproof, WiFi connectivity, 720px 30fps movie camera, 1500 mAh battery with 12 hours duration, barometric altimeter and GPS/Glonass System. It costs 350€.

Wahoo Elemnt

Light and compact, maybe in this case more suitable for an amateur public, I'd like to add this device amongst the 10 best bicycle GPS in 2021 because it features top quality aspects. It weighs only 99g, it's IPX7 waterproof, its battery lasts 17 hours: a great device. The connectivity with sensors and apps is the same as the other companies products. Moreover, this device Wahoo uses GPS, Glonass and Galileo systems for the reception. The handlebar stand is included in the price of 356,34$.

Mio Cyclo 605 HC

The company is the same as the Magellan bicycle GPS devices, MiTec from Taiwan. Mio Cyclo 605 HC has a 4" screen, a pretty intuitive interface, preinstalled cycling paths maps and OSM roads, a 15 hours duration battery, IPX7 waterproof and dust proof system, and a desktop app to manage your data, all for 350€. Great fun with the function "Surprise me", suggesting us 3 different paths depending on the available time, position and destination. In this case too, we have WiFi with the possibility to conenct with instant messaging systems (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc...) and follow, for example, Strava segments.

Polar M460

This company might be known more for its cardio frequency meter than for GPS devices. However, in these last years, it realized some outdoor products like Polar M460, a bicycle GPS with good features for who already knows this company. M460 is waterproof (IPX7), lightweight and handly, touch display 128x128, rechargeable battery with 16 hours duration, connectivity with popular apps, OSM maps available. It costs 179.90€.

Lezyne Mega XL

More popular for its lights than for GPS devices, this German company born in 2007 recently developed some good products in this field. The most recent amongst its products is the Mega XL bicycle GPS device, with a  2,7" rotating screen and can be used easily in both positions without dismounting and mounting anew the handlebar stand (like with Garmin). With all the connectivity equipment, this bicycle GPS device beats all the best competitors, on paper at least, for the duration of its battery (up to 48 hours!), with GPS and Glonass system, barometer and accelerometer, dedicated app included in the cost, 199,99$ for the only GPS device.

Bryton Rider 860E

This company too produces numerous GPS models for outdoor activities. This one, Rider 860E, is more suitable for offroad trips and adventures. It has a 2,8" display and an OpenStreetMap cartography loaded. It can be connected with a smartphone or electronic shifters and features a complete satellites system GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BDS, and QZSS) which should guarantee the maximum precision and a very accurate signal. Its battery lasts 16 hours and can be charged mid-activity through a power bank (very interesting for long journeys). In this case, too, there is an app for connecting it with Strava, Komoot... The handlebar stand is included in the bundle that costs only 365$. 
There are other best bicycle GPS, maybe more difficult to find, but nowadays the internet can help:
This is my personal list of the best bicycle GPS devices for your outdoor activities... what about you? Which GPS are you using or planning to use? Can you suggest one? Leave a comment down below!

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